Seven couples were interviewed about their relationship while silicone molds were taken of their  faces. Later, they were all invited to a dinner where they were served each others face to eat in the form of a tamale. This project is about love. It’s about desire. It’s about consuming someone and being consumed. It’s about finding the qualities that we truly love about the other in ourselves and symbolically taking in that energy, while making a conscious choice to look into the mirror that relationship offers us. Relationship and honest connection can be a platform for self discovery, growth and inner change. This project plays with the idea of transubstantiation which is what the ritual of the Eucharist is based on in Catholic tradition. Transubstantiation is all about change. It’s about a metaphorical alchemical process and is referring to the natural cycle of life and death. “The Eastern Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodox Church, and Church of the East have sometimes used the term “transubstantiation” (metousiosis); however, also terms such as “divine mystery”, “trans-elementation” , “re-ordination”, or simply “change””-wikipedia This is about how relating changes us, the alchemy of relationship and love.